Looking For a Good Time


The Original Bucolic Plague

Originally released in 2000. Still a classic. Look below for song samples and ordering information. Check our Calendar Page for upcoming performances.

Song Samples:
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1. Green Light D H
(Hank Thompson) 3:24 
(Songs of Polygram International (BMI) 

2. Looking For A Good Time D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:02 (BMI) 
3.Sad As It Seems  D H
Good Dinner Music (BMI) 
4.The Time Of His Life  D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:09 (BMI) 
5.Daddy-O  D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:04 (BMI) 
6. Dodging Bullets  D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:06 (BMI) 
7. I Like My Chicken Frying Size  D H
(Merle Travis) 3:36 
Unichappall Music Inc. (BMI) 

8. You Robbed My Heart  D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:11 (BMI) 
9. Living In The Future  D H
(Jerry Sires) 3:07 (BMI) 
10. One Wrong Turn  D H
(Greg Brown) 
Hacklebarney Music (ASCAP)

Jerry Sires: Lead Vocals

Hank Williams: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Vocals; and first 
Lead Vocal on "I Like My Chiken Frying Size"

Dean Stinsmuehlen: Bass and Harmony Vocals

Garreth Broesche: Mandolin, Harmony Vocals; Tenor Banjo and 
second Lead vocals on "I Like My Chiken Frying Size"

Greg Lowry: Dobro, Accordian, Harmonica, Banjo; and Mandolin on 
"Looking for a Good Time"

Pat Carpenter: Drums

"These boys are looking for a good time and they sure deliver it. Easy 
swinging, good time country music that will keep you entertained." 
- Ken Date, Sydney Australia (www.krdcountry.com)


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