Jerry and Karen Wedding Party Photos

Saturday, April 24 , 2004

"Special thanks to our good friends Rich and Linda Brown for throwing this great party to celebrate our wedding"


Bob, Peggy and Steve

Bill, Jesse and Kathy

Cecile and Allen


Cobi and Sarah

Garreth and April

Ginni and Dick

Helen and Dean


Helen, Paul, Johnny and Steve

Dick and Mike, the caterer

In Full Swing

Jami Lee and Allen

Mac, Linda and Jesse

Mary Alice, Drew and Staci

Mike, Savannah, Rick and Dick


Patty, Brent and Karen

Sarah, Cobi, Johnny, Luke and Judy

Savannah and Jenny

Teresa and Luca

Tom and Sherry

Trudy, Mike, Garreth and April

Walt and Mac

Jerry and Karen

The Cake

Jerry feeds Karen

Karen feeds Jerry

Jerry, Jesse and Steve get down.

Mike tackles the mandolin.

Playing only songs we don't know.

Sarah sings a sweet song.

The band plays on.

Were you guys playing in G?